Emergency 60″ Diameter Sewer Cleaning

Carylon work site outside of Louisville Slugger field
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Project Completion Date: Current (estimated 2 months)
Client: Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District
Budget: $200,000
Carylon Operating Company: Robinson Pipe Cleaning Company
Services Performed: Sewer Cleaning, Digital TV Inspection, Vacuum Excavation

Louisville MSD discovered a blockage in a 60″ diameter, brick drainage main, within the floodplain that creates flooding risks for the surrounding upstream area. Due to the amount of debris, MSD needs to have the blockage removed in order to ensure the structural stability of the line and to avoid a collapse within the the main.

Robinson Pipe Cleaning Company has been contracted to perform heavy cleaning and television inspections of ~467 LF of the 60″ brick drainage main. The blockage is estimated to be ~350 Cubic Yards of debris and takes up ~95% of the 60″ diameter line.

RPC has borrowed a 170 GPM Jetter/Combination truck for Bio-Nomic Services to perform the cleaning of this large diameter line segment. Vacuum boxes are being used to collect debris/material to be hauled to a nearby landfill for disposal.

Extensive traffic setups have been installed to ensure the safety of all operators and the general public.